Donate $3 For A Chance To Play The Gasol Brothers In LA

One brother is the NBA’s reigning Defensive Player of the Year, the other is a two-time NBA champion, but both have come together for a cause much bigger than themselves. Marc Gasol and Pau Gasol have started the Gasol Foundation in an effort to reduce childhood obesity in the United States.

In today’s society you often have to give to get, and the Gasols are using that strategy brilliantly with their partnership with Prizeo.com.  If fans donate as little as $3 to the Gasol Foundation, they will have a chance to win a trip to Los Angeles to hoop with both Gasols and have lunch at one of their favorite restaurants on September 27th.

So for less than the price of a value meal at most fast food franchises, fans can do some good against one of America’s fastest growing epidemics and have a chance to play ball with the Gasols. That could really turn into a power investment for the lucky fan.

Of course people can always give more than the three dollar starter entry. The campaign has developed tiers of prizes for donators dependent upon the size of their contribution. Some of the prizes donators can receive include a personalized e-card, a signed photo and signed sneakers from both brothers.

The foundation estimates that there are roughly 23 million obese kids and teenagers in the United States. Their efforts against obesity will begin in the two NBA cities (Los Angeles and Memphis) in which the brothers play. Beginning in a large city like L.A. and a midsize city like Memphis gives the foundation superb reach in places with a variety of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds to start off with.

“We hope to build a community around these critical children’s health issues and our Prizeo campaign is an important first step in reaching out to our fans to start a dialogue which we hope will lead to healthier dietary and exercise decisions in youth,” said Pau in a quote from the official press release for the campaign.

Proceeds raised will help the foundation in three main areas of focus; increased physical activity in school, increased physical activity in communities and obtaining healthy/affordable food.
Given the unique opportunities afforded to people who donate, this seems like a win for everybody involved. The Gasols chose to use the Prizeo platform due to the company’s previous success with other celebrities including Samuel L. Jackson, Khloe Kardashian Odom, Alicia Keys and Pau’s teammate Kobe Bryant, which we covered earlier this summer.

Many organizations are out there who will ask people to give, but initiatives like this really put donators on an even playing field regardless of wealth. The contest will end on September 13 but whether a person gives $3 or $3,000, each person will be entered for a chance to meet the Gasols. The amount of the donation doesn’t hinder or increase chances to win, which ironically could convince people to give more. When people don’t feel like someone is out to take advantage of them or their money, kindness usually increases.

Kudos to two giant men with an ever more gigantic effort in the community and for doing so in mutually enriching way for those who participate.

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