Donovan Mitchell Filmed A Spot For ‘NBA 2K’ While At Summer League

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Donovan Mitchell’s rookie campaign could not have gone much better. Outside of the fact that Ben Simmons was named Rookie of the Year over him, Mitchell showed that he has what it takes to become a superstar during his first year in the league. He established himself as the No. 1 offensive option for a Utah Jazz team that won 48 games and made the conference semifinals, which surprised some in the wake of Gordon Hayward leaving the team in free agency.

As Mitchell prepares to enter his second year in the Association, the hype train surrounding him is going at full speed. That is evident based on the fact that he still has room to improve on the court, and if he does that, it stands to reason that he can go from a potential star to an honest-to-god superstar.

One thing adding to the hype occurred on Monday, when Mitchell — who has been at the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas — filmed an ad for NBA 2K19.

Mitchell gave a brief look inside what the ad will feature on his Instagram account. It appears to depict him going up against the Oklahoma City Thunder, which the Jazz beat in the first round of the postseason.

The Jazz aren’t exactly a team that is known for having marketable stars, so it’s pretty cool that Mitchell is getting this opportunity. It remains to be seen if it’ll be a Mitchell-specific ad or part of a bigger commercial with a number of basketball players to promote the game, but we’ll assuredly find out soon enough, as NBA 2K19 is set to drop in September.

(Via SLC Dunk)