Doris Burke Says She Once Recorded Lines For A Damian Lillard Track But Got Cut

Doris Burke is a woman of many talents, and the longtime ESPN analyst has now taken a seat alongside Mike Breen and Doc Rivers in the network’s lead NBA booth for this season.

Burke has steadily established herself as one of the best in the business breaking down the game of basketball, and has the respect of players across the NBA and is a fan favorite for many. However, her skills on the mic apparently only go as far as breaking down hoops, as she explained on Sunday’s ESPN broadcast of Bucks-Lakers that she was once asked to record lines for one of Damian Lillard’s tracks under his artist name Dame D.O.L.L.A. but got cut from the song which she said was “not a surprise.”

This really only raises some more questions. Most notably, was she asked to record like a whole guest verse or was this just her talking as part of an intro? I like to believe its the former and that there’s some Doris Burke bars on a hard drive somewhere that Dame hasn’t yet shared with the world. I also can only assume that upon hearing that he was almost beat to the punch on getting DB on a song that Drake will have her featured on a track by the end of the year.