Drake Proved He’s Still The World’s Biggest Doris Burke Fan At Wednesday’s Raptors-Celtics Game

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At this point Drake‘s love for ESPN broadcaster Doris Burke is well-established. The non-prehistoric avatar of the Toronto Raptors has a “woman crush everyday” on Burke and has shouted her out not only with clothing but with actual overtures on ESPN.

Burke seems to take all this attention in stride. She’s a professional reporter, after all, but a music superstar making heart-shapes with his hands and sending them her way is hardly an ordinary day at the office.

According to Burke, the two have never officially met, but they were in the same building once more on Wednesday night. Drake took this opportunity to pay his respects, as the two finally got to meet and exchange some words. Perhaps not surprisingly, Drake went right in for a kiss.

Drake proceeded to remind everyone just how fond he is of Burke on his Instagram Story during the game.

Drake’s reputation for awkwardly flirting and being somewhat endearing is, at this point, as established as his love for Burke herself. Burke again called the attention “appreciated” on the broadcast, so it seems like this worked out a lot better for him than most could have imagined, lack of subtlety aside. Anyway, perhaps the person responsible for “God’s Plan” should understand that his crush not being reciprocated is a sign from the lord above.