Draymond Green Got Back-To-Back Technical Fouls Less Than Four Minutes Into Warriors-Magic

Draymond Green got sent to the locker room very early on during Wednesday night’s game between the Golden State Warriors and the Orlando Magic. It was a little more than three and a half minutes into the first quarter when Andrew Wiggins tried to check Paolo Banchero, which ended in Banchero lowering his shoulder, getting to the rim, making a layup, and picking up an and-one.

Something about this play set Green off, which led to him voicing some frustrations to one of the officials. While we’ll have to wait to figure out exactly what he said, Green picked up a technical foul for voicing his thoughts. He was not especially happy about this, so he kept going while Steph Curry stood next to him, and while it looked like he was going to get out of this exchange without any further trouble, he tried to get in a few final words before he walked away, which ended up earning him a second technical.

After it happened, Curry seemed pretty frustrated with the whole thing.

We’ve seen Green pick up technical fouls for a lot more than this, so we’ll have to find out exactly what happened here. This goes down as the first time he’s been tossed from a game since he returned from a 12-game suspension that he received earlier this year for striking Jusuf Nurkic’s head.