Draymond Green’s Family Is ‘Livid’ With The ‘F*ck You Draymond’ Chants From Celtics Fans

The Golden State Warriors lost Game 3 of the 2022 NBA Finals on Wednesday night. One of the big stories in the aftermath has been the way fans of the Boston Celtics treated Warriors star Draymond Green. “F*ck you Draymond” and “Draymond sucks” chants were common at TD Garden, which led to Klay Thompson and Steve Kerr sarcastically referring to Celtics fans as “classy.”

Green addressed this after the game, and said that while he’s taking a “no harm, no foul” approach, his family is “livid” over the chants. Additionally, he views this as the chance for his son to learn an important lesson about America.

“I’m actually happy he saw that, because for the rest of his life, we will have the opportunity to talk about, ‘You remember what I went through XYZ when you were five, and you remember those people were saying this and saying that, it’s ok. You can get through it. Ain’t no big deal,’” Green said. “So that’s all it is for me. Yes, my family is livid, and trust me, I get it, I totally understand. But for me, who’s raising a young Black man in America, for him to understand how this world works, for him to understand how America works, as opposed to how they say America works, that was just another example of it.

“So, no harm, no foul,” Green said. “’F*ck Draymond! F*ck Draymond!’ F*ck you, too.”

Green’s wife, Hazel Renee, posted a message on her Instagram Story in which she called out Boston fans and the NBA.

There is no word on whether or not the NBA plans to — or even can do — anything about what Celtics fans chant at Green ahead of Friday’s Game 4.