The Best Part Of Warriors And Cavs Players Being Mic’d Up Was LeBron Taunting Fans

There is no bigger game in the NBA than the Finals rematch between the Cavaliers and the Warriors, so it’s unsurprising that the NBA pulled out all the stops on covering the most recent meeting Monday night. As is fitting for a game of this magnitude, the league put microphones on some of the players and both coaches.

The result was some great audio for TNT’s “Audio Assist” segment, although sadly they did not show the play that resulted in LeBron spawled on the floor followed by Draymond Green mocking him.

We started the above video at 4:06, but at 5:27 there’s a moment you should see:

There’s LeBron, while Draymond guards him, counting his rings for the Warriors fans in attendance. That’s three, as many as the entire Warriors franchise has going back to 1955 (when they were in Philadelphia). If we had to guess, we’d say the fans started the engagement with some trash talk, and LeBron went with the time-tested “count the rings” comeback. Solid fan engagement from Bron.

Arguably more impressive that LeBron’s ring count is the fact that he’s participated in literally every NBA Finals since he joined the Heat in 2010-2011. For more than half a decade, it has been pointless for other teams in the Eastern Conference to envision a Finals appearance. We don’t know how LeBron would communicate that boast with hand signals, but we figured we’d help him out. Let’s make no mention to him of the final score on Monday.