How Draymond Green Actually Got A Referee To Admit He Was Wrong

The Golden State Warriors beat the Houston Rockets on Tuesday night in a surprisingly competitive affair, but Draymond Green won a far more impressive victory for himself — getting a referee to openly admit that he blew a call. Day-Day got what looked for all the world like a clean block on a Patrick Beverley layup, but was called for a foul. He went ballistic, and was lucky not to pick up a technical foul. Watch him almost shove Clint Capela to the ground here:

Then again, maybe he didn’t get a tech because the officials already knew the call was wrong. Referee Mark Lindsay clearly mouthed, “I’m wrong,” which seemed to satisfy Green momentarily. It was in the second quarter when the Rockets were in the midst of a run to get back in the game, so Green must have been fuming that his potentially momentum-shifting block was disallowed.

Draymond didn’t have his best game on Tuesday night. He was held to eight points by Trevor Ariza, who has been doing yeoman’s work as an undersized four for the Rockets. But even when Dray wasn’t shooting and Klay Thompson wasn’t hitting (he went 5-19 from the field), the Warriors still have an overwhelming amount of weapons. Steph Curry had 35 points and nine assists, and the Warriors improved to 47-4 on the season, the best 51-game record of all time.