Draymond Green’s Son Was Flopping So He Told Him To Stop Watching The NBA

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One of the constant discussions around the NBA is the issue of flopping. The league instituted flop warnings and fines at the peak of the issue, but after strict enforcement the league only handed out a handful of warnings this season.

Even so, it’s one of the first complaints from some fans about the current game and there are few things a player can do on the floor that will incite more anger in an opposing crowd than be rewarded for embellishing contact. Still, there’s a reason it’s part of the game. There are undoubtedly times where a player actually fakes being fouled outright, but typically a flop goes along with actual contact that is, by the letter of the law, a foul.

Still, even for those on the floor it’s frustrating and for one, he’s realizing at home the impact his and other’s in the NBA have on the future generation of basketball player. Draymond Green was asked about his young son emulating his game on the floor and relayed a funny story about how he’s seen his son try to mimic his famous on-court intensity on his little hoop in the house, and also shooting and flopping after, to Green’s dismay.

Green saying he told his son he needed to stop watching the NBA is funny, but it is interesting that he notes he’s learning just how impressionable kids are at that age and how much they absorb from watching games. We’ll see if we see something of a different Green on the floor with that in mind, although so far this postseason Green has arguably been the Warriors best player and there’s been very little in the way of antics that have, at times in the past, overshadowed what he can do so well on the court.