Draymond Green Issued A Statement After He Was Accused Of Assault In A Lawsuit

07.25.17 11 months ago

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Draymond Green‘s celebration of his second championship in three years has been cut short by a lawsuit being brought against him that alleges he is a “bully,” but Green seems ready to defended himself and said he will clear up any “misinformation” attached to the case. The Golden State Warriors star has been accused of assault by two people — Jermaine Edmondson and Bianca Williams — who have joined a lawsuit against Green that was made public earlier this week.

NBA Bay Area offered more details about the incident:

The incidents of alleged violence occurred last July in East Lansing, Mich., which is the home of Green’s college alma mater. Edmondson alleges that Green bumped into him at a bar and bullied him with a demeaning comment about being a scholarship athlete who Green is paying for.

Green then turned to his entourage, according to Bloom. That’s when two men with Green allegedly pushed Edmondson against a wall and choked him, according to Bloom. Williams tried to intervene, but one of the men grabbed her by the neck and also pushed her against a wall.

“I still feel that man’s hand around my neck and it will forever be traumatizing,” Williams said.

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