Draymond Green Takes Us To The Gun Show After The Strong And-One Finish

Game 2 of the Western Conference finals has been primarily the Steph Curry and James Harden show, but after a strong finish, plus the foul, Draymond Green treated us all to a very different kind of show, that of the gun variety.

It was a mouse-in-the-house scenario for poor Jason Terry, who found himself unsuccessfully trying to defend Green deep in the post on this play, so he really had no choice but to foul. Green, however, was able to overpower him and get the shot off, which bounced around the rim uncertain whether it was going to fall, which is when the newly-christened First Team All Defense forward effectively intimidated it into going in by simply flexing his muscles at it.

Green has 10 points, eight rebounds, and six assists, and the Warriors are clinging to an 83-77 lead early in the fourth quarter.