Duke Is Unbeatable In Maui; Metta World Peace Challenges MJ To A Game Of 1-On-1

If Duke played all of their games out in Maui, they might end up as the greatest college team ever. Yesterday they added to their all-time perfect record (14-0) there and clinched a spot in the championship game, beating Michigan 82-75. Living and dying by the three is the way of the college game now, and however unpredictable it might be, Duke is the best at it. It came through for them again. Michigan needed a perfect night of basketball, but they certainly didn’t get it during the first half. Tim Hardaway Jr., for all the praise we’ve been giving him, was terrible for most of the night. The Devils shut him out in the first half and built up a double-digit lead that withstood any comebacks the Wolverines countered with in the second frame. The Jr. Mr. Two-Step dropped 19 in the second half, but none of them came when Michigan really need them. Once they fell behind, it was too much to ask. Then with Austin Rivers (20 points) and Seth Curry (17 points on seven shots) hitting one back-breaking trey after another, it became a typical frustrating Duke win (for those of you out there that hate them): never quite dominant, but always in control … Wesley Witherspoon nearly had to swim home. Memphis and Tennessee had battled through 40 minutes and then two overtimes before the senior traveled off a turnover (thinking the game was over) and inadvertently gave the Vols a second opportunity to tie it up and force a third OT. But the Tigers survived Jeronne Maymon‘s (CRAZY night for him: 32 points, 20 rebounds) fallaway to end it, and walked out with a 99-97 thrilling double-OT win. Watching the Tigers, we get the feeling they’re going to be up and down all season. Sometimes they look incredible. Other times, you can tell coach Josh Pastner wants to start hitting people over the head. That sort of explains how they blew a 16-point first half lead and then a 10-point lead late in regulation. They’re like the college version of the Suns. One minute everyone looks good. The next they are all bumbling around like Robin Lopez on offense. Still, Antonio Barton (21 points) and Will Barton (25 points, 11 rebounds) were both beasts … UNC, Louisville, Baylor, Wisconsin, Kansas, Pittsburgh and Missouri (by 39 over No. 18 Cal) all won … We know they aren’t known as a powerhouse school, but watch out for Missouri. They’re 5-0, they’re quick, fast, explosive and unselfish. They don’t really have one star but everyone brings it and they literally murdered previously unbeaten Cal in the championship of CBE Classic … Metta World Peace went off on Twitter. He wants Michael Jordan, wants him one-on-one and is willing to put his livelihood at stake: one game, the former player versus the former Artest, for the right to either extend or end the lockout. Could World Peace beat the old man? He certainly think so, tweeting stuff like Micheal I would beat u blind folded with a subway sandwich in one hand with headphones on listening to boni jovi remix feat… Mobb deep and Micheal Jordan I challenge you I’ll spot you 20 and a bag of cheetos If I win end lockout Keep the cheetos and even Actually I rather play dr jay. Jordan too easy. Not to mention Latrell spreewell. Lmao. Easy win. So random. Imagine if they did hit up a park and get this thing popping. Would MJ still win even though he’s out of shape and has a Hitler ‘stache? Or would Metta just break some of his ribs again? Hey, if Bryon Russell can’t get a one-on-one audience with His Airness, we doubt World Peace can either … Speaking of Mobb Deep, they’re back. Their newest release just dropped – Black Cocaine – and yesterday we gave you their 10 best basketball warm-up tracks … While his publicist hit us up to let us know that J.R. Smith‘s MRI results on his leg went well, and showed he pulled a muscle in his calf, there are some bad rumors circulating about his experience over there. Doctors are expecting him to be back to 100 percent by Friday, and Smith says through his publicist that he’s enjoying his experience and team in China. Smith also said he’s ready for a great season and would like to thank his fans worldwide for the continuous support during this time. So he says. There were rumors yesterday that Smith told his Chinese team he was sick and couldn’t make practice, and then they caught him shopping at the mall … Interesting question someone breached with us yesterday: Is Jimmer Fredette going to be the NBA’s version of Tim Tebow? You know, the decent white dude everyone is completely obsessed with to the point that we end up talking about him more than anyone else? … Baron Davis and Tina Thompson are collaborating on a charity event called “For the City” that’ll include schedule players like Davis, Thompson, Trevor Ariza, DeMar DeRozan, Nick Young, Craig Smith, Chase Budinger, Dorell Wright, Jason Collins, Jarron Collins, Darren Collison, Amir Johnson, Arron Afflalo, Paul Pierce, James Harden and Russell Westbrook. Tickets are currently on sale for the 4 p.m. November 27th start at L.A. Southwest City College … That’s not the only interesting game coming up. Jamal Crawford is hosting his own event on Dec. 15 at Hec Ed at the University of Washington. Tickets are already on sale for anyone who wants to see Crawford, Brandon Jennings, John Wall, LaMarcus Aldridge, Baron Davis, Kevin Durant, Jeff Green, DeMar DeRozan, Isaiah Thomas, Spencer Hawes, Nate Robinson, Terrence Williams, Jason Terry, Nick Collison and Brandon Roy ball out … And so much for Deron Williams struggling overseas. He’s turned it around. In his last game, he only went for 50 points on 17-23 shooting with seven threes and only two turnovers … We’re out like “Hip Hop.”

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