Dwight Howard Got Heckled By A Stadium Worker While Practicing Free Throws After The Wizards Lost

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No basketball player is perfect. Like all humans, basketball players have their flaws, some are more prominent than others. For example, take Dwight Howard, who has never been a good free throw shooter despite his best efforts to improve from the charity stripe. Howard’s connecting at a 63 percent clip this year, and it says a lot about his struggles from the line that it’s the second-best single-season mark of his career.

Howard had a big night on Friday (25 points, 17 rebounds) and went 7-for-10 at the free throw line, but it wasn’t enough, as the Washington Wizards fell to the Brooklyn Nets, 115-104. The home loss knocked Washington to 5-10 on the year, and after the game, Howard decided he wanted to get some extra work in. Pay attention to the very end of the video, taken by Candace Buckner of the Washington Post.

Did you hear someone yell “brick”? Well, that’s because some rather aggressive arena worker, per Buckner, had a field day at Howard’s expense.

So, while Howard got into a shooting rhythm, tuning out the background noise with music playing in his ear buds, a contract worker who was part of a team hired to clean around the 400 level tried to break his concentration.

“Brick!” the worker yelled, but as Howard’s shots swished through the net, he switched to: “’That’s right, Dwight! You better make them!”

Fred Katz of The Athletic added a few more details, including the arena worker calling him a “bum ass” while he was getting in postgame work. The Wizards are a team that are known for having some amount of internal strife over the course of a season, but this is a new one.

(Via Deadspin)