Dwyane Wade Exchanged Jerseys With Benny The Bull After His Last Game In Chicago

Fox Sports Miami

Dwyane Wade is in the midst of”One Last Dance,” which is what he’s calling his retirement tour in his final season with the Miami Heat.

Wade has been treated to video tributes at many stops along the way, and after most games he can be found exchanging jerseys with a player from the opposing team. Sometimes it’s a veteran or old friend like LeBron James in Los Angeles, or other times a young star like Trae Young in his final trip to Atlanta. However, what happens with teams that don’t have a clear up-and-coming star that idolized Wade or much in the way of a strong veteran presence?

Well, in Chicago we got our answer as he made his final trip to his hometown to face his one-time employer in the Bulls. After the game, Wade didn’t swap jerseys with Zach LaVine or anyone else, but instead swapped jerseys with Chicago’s mascot Benny the Bull.

Now, Benny the Bull is arguably the best mascot in all of the NBA, so it’s understandable why Wade would be down for a jersey swap with Benny. As he says, it might be one of the best jerseys he’ll get all retirement tour. Still, if you’re one of the Bulls players it can’t feel great that Wade would happily accept a jersey swap with the mascot instead of seeking out one of them.

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