Dwyane Wade’s New Cavs Teammates Gave An Unfavorable Review Of His Wine

10.01.17 2 years ago

No matter where one’s social standing is in life, there’s nothing more daunting than making a good first impression. This is primarily because this is the impression that sticks with the person for the rest of their tenure wherever they may be.

As far as first impressions go, Dwyane Wade might need to figure out a better way to make one than by giving out his own wine. Ironically, the 12-time NBA All-Star celebrated his signing with the Cavaliers by having a few glasses of red with his BFF, LeBron James.

After practice on Saturday, Kevin Love and a few of the Cavs decided to sample Wade’s wine. Due to the magic of the internet and Love’s Instagram account, the public was able to catch this review of Wade’s vintage wines. The review starts off harmlessly with Love asking Channing Frye what he thought of the wine, and Frye gave a diplomatic answer with a tiny bit of sarcasm, saying it had hints of almonds. Additionally, he didn’t seem to be a huge fan after wetting his whistle.

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