Chance The Rapper And Dwyane Wade’s Basketball Documentary Dropped Its First Trailer

Getty Image

Dwyane Wade and Chance the Rapper have teamed up to make a film about their hometown, and we now have a good look at what that documentary will be about.

The trailer for Shot In The Dark was released on Monday and gives us a better idea of the project that was originally announced earlier in the month. The documentary is set to air February 24 on Fox and will chronicle high school basketball in Chance and Wade’s hometown of Chicago.

Shot In The Dark tells the story of Orr Academy , a prestigious Chicago basketball program and the story of former player Tyquonne Greer. The documentary highlights the struggles that come with inner-city living and the pressure to succeed on the court amid systemic injustice in Chicago.

Chance and Wade are both executive producers of the series, which looks to examine how Orr Academy’s boys basketball team played in the face of crime and death in their nearby community.

Wade is back in Miami now after a brief stint in Chicago with the Bulls and an even briefer half season in Cleveland. But he’s committed to telling the story of his hometown. It looks like there’s quite a bit of story to tell.