Dwyane Wade Said He’d Give College Stephen A. Smith ’50 And Icing By The Fourth Quarter’

A fun fact about Stephen A. Smith is that, prior to his decision to become sports media’s most readily available takesman, he was a college basketball player at Winston-Salem State University in North Carolina. A number of people learned this fact this week, though, as a Twitter account that posts images of random ex-college athletes posted a picture of Smith from his college days.

This made the rounds on social media, to the point that Smith ended up seeing it and had a very simple (and, quite frankly, accurate) response to the image.

Smith wasn’t the only prominent person to opine on the image. Dwyane Wade, who wasn’t all that bad of a hooper in his own right, saw the pic as it went around and let it be known that he would not have taken it easy on Stephen A. if they ever met up on the hardwood.

Now, there aren’t many college players who could stop Wade from getting a 50 piece and taking off the fourth quarter to relax after a job well done, so this is less trash talk and more Wade stating an objective fact. Still, Smith decided to take it in stride and say that, well, yeah this is exactly what would have happened.

Just to be safe, Dwyane Wade and Stephen A. Smith should play 1-on-1 against each other on television. You know, so we can know for sure if this is what would happen.