Dwyane Wade Helped Sell Jimmy Butler On The Heat By Saying ‘This Culture Fits You’

This summer, we saw a record number of superstars switch teams, which included some of the biggest names around the NBA, like Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, and Paul George, just to name a few.

Almost lost in the shuffle was Jimmy Butler, who joined his third team in two seasons when he decided to take his talents down to South Beach. Butler had just finished up a stint with the Sixers that ended with a heartbreaking second-round elimination at the hands of a Kawhi Leonard miracle three in Toronto.

After much consideration, he eventually landed on Miami, in no small measure because of his previous relationship with Dwyane Wade during their time together in Chicago. During Heat Media Day on Friday, Butler confirmed that one of the major factors that led to him ending up in South Beach was Wade selling him on the franchise by convincing him that their culture aligns with his mentality.

In each of his stints with the Bulls, Timberwolves, and to a lesser extent Sixers, Butler has expressed at least some level of dissatisfaction with how those around him fail to live up to his high standards regarding hard work, competitive spirit, and a winning mindset. He’s also often rubbed those around him the wrong way for his sometimes combative leadership approach.

Butler has yet another new start with the Heat this season on a team that seems primed to challenge for playoff contention and with a franchise that knows a thing or two about managing larger-than-life personalities.