Dwyane Wade Is Having A Season-Long Dunk Contest With Justise Winslow

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Dwyane Wade will call it quits on his Hall-of-Fame career at the end of this season, and when it’s all said and done, he’ll go down as arguably one of the top five shooting guards of all time. He even recently surpassed Michael Jordan as the best shot-blocking guard in NBA history.

He’s spent the bulk of the season on a farewell tour around the league, exchanging jerseys with old friends and young bucks alike, but it’s a season that’s been much more than just ceremonial as Wade have proven to be a productive contributor off the bench for a Heat team scrambling for one of the last playoff seeds in the East.

If that wasn’t enough to keep him occupied, Wade also has a running wager going with teammate Justise Winslow about who’ll finish the season with the most dunks.

“Me and Justise got a dunk count going on for the year of how’s gonna get the most,” Wade said after their loss to the Raptors on Sunday. “He’s 22, and I’m 37, and I’m up by one, so I was staring at him. Anytime he dunks, he stares at me and vice versa, so I was looking for him on the bench. I’m winning right now.”

According to Basketball-Reference, Winslow has 13 to Wade’s 10, so there’s some discrepancy they’ll have to figure out amongst themselves when they’re doing the finally tally. But in general, it’s a great way to keep Wade motivated as the season, and his illustrious career, continue to wind down.