Enes Kanter Came Up Big In The Blazers’ Game 1 Win Over The Thunder

04.14.19 3 months ago

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It seems like only yesterday that Thunder coach Billy Donovan was caught on camera mouthing the words “can’t play Kanter” after watching James Harden once again put his lead-footed big man in the torture chamber out on the perimeter during a playoff game against the Rockets.

It was a searing indictment on Enes Kanter‘s postseason efficacy, as well as his overall viability as a player. It wasn’t long after that OKC jettisoned him to the Knicks, where he toiled away in obscurity until the Blazers picked him out of the bargain bin in February to back up the now-injured Jusuf Nurkic.

So on Sunday, it must have felt like sweet redemption – if not revenge – for the oft-maligned Kanter, who submitted perhaps his best and most important performance as a pro when he put up 20 points and 18 rebounds in the Blazers’ 104-99 win in Game 1 against his former team, including this running finger-roll off the glass with his left hand in the closing moments to help seal the victory.

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