Enes Kanter Won And Lost WWE’s 24/7 Title In The Span Of 30 Seconds

Earlier this year a new title was introduced to WWE, as they brought back the 24/7 Championship, a title that could be won or lost at any time and any place, provided a referee was around to make a three-count.

There were high hopes for the 24/7 title given that the WWE Network and various social media channels would create plenty of opportunities for spontaneous title changes, but for the most part it’s been less actual match type action in various locales and more surprise roll-ups and pinning people in their sleep. R-Truth and Drake Maverick (and, to an extent, Elias) have been the prominent players in the 24/7 title picture, with both effectively giving it back and forth and, at times, creating some highly entertaining spots.

However, it’s also been a vehicle for celebrities and old wrestlers to get in on the action. The latest 24/7 champion is none other than Celtics center Enes Kanter, who won the title briefly during a taping of Main Event on Monday night prior to Raw in Madison Square Garden. Kanter, formerly of the Knicks, rolled up R-Truth for a three-count and then showed off his Celtics jersey underneath a jacket to pick up some extra heat from the New York crowd. Truth quickly reclaimed the belt via roll-up, ending his title reign at just about 15 seconds.

Kanter’s love of WWE is well known and he’s teased a future in the business after his hoops career is done. He has a long way to go to get to Dennis Rodman-status (or even Karl Malone) in terms of NBA players turned wrestlers, but he does now have a title run to his name.