Ernie Johnson Discussed Donald Trump And The 2016 Election In This Fiery Monologue

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11.10.16 7 Comments

Ernie Johnson is never one to bite his tongue. The longtime Inside the NBA host has been revered for being one of the sharpest and well-respected men in all of television. Johnson is also universally praised for his character, which has been on display plenty of times in the past.

On Thursday, Johnson and the rest of the crew decided to kick off their coverage of the night’s NBA slate by discussing the 2016 presidential election. In a powerful monologue, Johnson told everyone that he wrote in Ohio governor John Kasich for the presidency, because even though he knew that Kasich wouldn’t win the race, this gave him the chance to leave the polls with “a clear conscience.”

Despite this, has hope for the type of president Donald Trump will be based on his meeting with Barack Obama earlier in the day, saying that he believes that this version of Trump will be the one who leads the country and not the “campaigning Trump” who spewed “inflammatory rhetoric.” He ended by discussing his faith, saying that he will pray for Trump and the nation and expressing his hope that “one day we’re gonna look back and we’re gonna say ‘You know what? That Donald Trump presidency? That was alright.'”

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