Ernie Johnson And ‘The Starters’ Showed How Disastrous An NBA RedZone Channel Would Be

NFL RedZone has changed the way that fans watch football. It lets fans get a look at all the biggest moments from the day (scoring opportunities, big plays, incredibly silly things that occur on the sidelines, etc.) and cuts out all of the boring stuff (basically everything that was not mentioned 20ish words ago).

This has led to some wondering: What would happen if other sports adopted a RedZone-type model for when fans can’t keep up with all the action? Let’s say you’re a basketball fan who can’t flip between any of four or five games, having a hoops RedZone sounds really appealing.

Or, as The Starters and Ernie Johnson showed us, it would be a god awful idea that no one would enjoy watching under any circumstance.

RedZone’s thing is you never miss a touchdown, so obviously, NBA RedZone would mean you watch every basket from every game. This seems like fun, but the host would probably get as mad as Johnson does in this clip. You’d just be flying around from game to game, it would be abject chaos that no one would like. And as Johnson points out in the video, the court doesn’t have a red zone, so the entire concept is bunk.

The good news, though, is that this video implies an NBA RedZone would feature Red Panda, the greatest halftime act in basketball history. For that reason, the channel would be a great idea that should be adopted immediately.