Evan Turner And Carlos Boozer Grapple With Their Fancy Cars

06.24.14 5 years ago

When you’re an NBA star, your ride can say a lot about you. Even if you’re just role player, you can probably afford automotive comfort the rest of us only dream about. Then again, you’re still at the whim of those high-priced automobiles, too, as Carlos Boozer and Evan Turner recently found out.

Turner’s Ferrari — as detailed by former Buckeyes teammate, P.J. Hill — ran out of gas on the freeway with his girl riding shotgun:

Here’s the caption:

It never fails smh no matter how much money cats have they are still the same ????????????. @evanalmighty12 Ran out of gas in his Ferrari smh #Embarrassing

You could make an easy joke about Turner’s career and the Ferrari, but we’re not done yet.


Bulls forward Carlos Boozer might get amnestied this summer if the Bulls are looking to sign Carmelo Anthony — or now LeBron James.

Despite his uncertain future, Booz has been dreaming about the Lamborghini Aventador since it came out, despite his ponderously slow exit from the car as he unfurls his 6-9, 240-pound frame from its tiny interior:

Here’s the caption:

My boy @mrcbooz is gonna kill me for posting this video, but it’s way too funny… He’s been wanting a Lamborghini Aventador since they came out, and always bugs me about finding a way to make him fit… Don’t worry @theonlydanja I didn’t modify anything on your car, this was just a test fit… My boys always find a way to make me laugh thru out a busy day… #TheAutoFirmFamily

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