This Dude Dabbed On His Date And Totally Ruined The Spirit Of National Hug Day

UNC Greensboro decided to get into the spirit of those “adorable” Jumbotron moments. No, not with the dreaded Kiss Cam, but a far less invasive and much cuter Hug Cam. Of course, a guy still found a way to ruin everything by dabbing right in the face of a girl next to him.

It’s a hug version of the classic pulled-back-handshake trope, with a dab thrown in to keep it timely. The video was originally filmed a few weeks ago but the Greensboro Twitter account waited until Valentine’s Day to drop it on the world. They are obviously keen observers of the viral video craze. Obviously.

As for the woman in the video, she looked lukewarm about the hug proposition to begin with, almost as if the boy sitting next to her had a habit of juvenile pranks. She was not rewarded for her brief moment of trust.

Bonus points go to the girl right behind the two fans who is delighted at the display on the Jumbotron, unaware that the drama is unfolding right in front of her. You got the best seat in the house, kid!