Fan Decides Just One Charlie Villanueva Tattoo Isn’t Enough

We’ve got some tattoos. While we’re not the sort that would get an epic back tattoo of Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen, we can partially understand why someone would want to permanently etch that on their body. Those were iconic players on a team that won more games in one season than any other team in NBA history. We’re not so sure about Pistons reserve Charlie Villanueva, though. What’s more, one fan wasn’t content with just a single tattoo of the former UCONN star; he had to get a second.


Villanueva captioned the above pic with Pistons fan Larry Perreti: “Took it to another level. @larry_cv31 has two tattoos of me. Great guy. Thanks. True fan.”

Yes, uh, yes he is a fan. Fan is short for fanatic, from the Latin “fanaticus,” which means inspired by deity or frenzied by a higher power (fanum temple). That’s sorta like Charlie Villanueva we suppose.

What do you think?

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