There’s A Highly Detailed Tattoo Of Michael Jordan’s 1988 Dunk Contest

The 1988 Dunk Contest featuring Michael Jordan is universally considered one of the all-time greats in league history. As such, it provided us with one of the most iconic images the sport has ever seen: Jordan throwing it down after taking off from the free-throw line.

Someone, clearly, decided to immortalize the image even further.

The detail of this tattoo is remarkable. You have Jordan in his signature mid-air pose, you have the basket and you even have the background of the arena. On that note, the black background is an interesting choice, but it still works. It’s about as close to an actual photo of the dunk as you can get. The tattoo artist is Steve Butcher, who also did <a this detailed leg tattoo of James Harden last month.

Really, the detail of the beard on that Harden ink is spectacular.

Mixing sports and tattoos is rarely a good idea, especially when it involves predicting “X Team” as, say, the next Super Bowl champs. (Looking at you, Buffalo Bills fan.) However, this body art doesn’t come close to registering on the regrettable scale. That would have been a tattoo of the “Crying Jordan.”

It also probably cost an arm and a leg…so to speak.