Watch The Unbelievable Moment When A One-Armed Basketball Walk-On For Florida Scores His First Basket

You’re going to be hard-pressed to find a better story in college basketball right now than the one involving Florida Gators basketball player Zach Hodskins. The sophomore shooting guard has a birth defect which resulted in his left arm ending just below his elbow. Still, that hasn’t stopped him from achieving his goals of playing college hoops and he joined the Gators’ basketball team last year as a preferred walk-on. Against Jacksonville Tuesday evening, Hodskins scored his first bucket. He even pulled off the spin move and got the foul. Naturally, the Gators home crowd and bench went wild after Hodskins nailed the layup. Hodskins, understandably, was hyped up as well. It was a great moment for a player who’s overcome a rather huge obstacle.

Here’s another video of the shot, slowed down for effect:

Hodskins only played a minute and unfortunately missed the free throw, but for him to go out and score a bucket on an effort like that is awesome. Florida handled Jacksonville easily, too, winning 89-65.