Giannis Antetokounmpo And Kevin Durant Lead Each Conference’s NBA All-Star Game Fan Voting

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There’s always intrigue when it comes to the NBA players that get the highest number of All-Star Game votes. The first series of voting returns are in, and while the top player in the Western Conference won’t come as a surprise to anyone, we do have a surprise at the top of the Eastern Conference.

Let’s start with the West, where the Golden State Warriors’ two biggest stars are running away with things. Kevin Durant is the conference’s top vote getter, accruing more than 767,000 votes. His teammate, Stephen Curry, is hot on his heels, coming in with more than 735,000.

Beyond them, the only other player out west to get more than 500,000 votes is Rockets star and one of the favorites to be named the league MVP, James Harden.

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