GIF: Blake Griffin Palms Loose Ball To Start Break, Finishes Lob Left-Handed

10.19.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

We’ve always maintained that more frightening than Blake Griffin’s otherworldly explosiveness is his unmatched blend of strength, coordination, and dexterity. No big man in the league has better balance than Blake, a trait that’s become more apparent as he’s expanded his offensive game to include a handle that belies his size. But the leaping ability sure is great, too – it’s certainly tough to choose one attribute over the other. Fortunately, this incredible sequence from last night’s Los Angeles Clippers-Denver Nuggets exhibition in Las Vegas ensures we don’t have to, and shows off the total package of Griffin’s surreal athleticism.

Holy crap.

This could prove to be most unique highlight of the entire 2014-2015 season. The lefty alley-oop finish after a two-footed jump is likely what you noticed first. But check out the beginning of the play; Griffin picks up the loose ball by palming it! And then goes reverse between-the-legs before gathering his dribble and skipping ahead to Matt Barnes! Insane.

We genuinely believe there isn’t another player on earth capable of making this play – not even LeBron James. Blake is poised for a huge year given his drastically improved jumper, and we wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes a favorite for MVP in the season’s early going. Highlights like this will obviously help his candidacy.

(GIF via r/nba user samneter)

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