GIF: Incredible DeMarcus Cousins Chase-Down Block

11.19.14 5 years ago

Last night’s Pelicans-Kings game did not disappoint those people hoping to see two of the best young big men in the NBA today. Anthony Davis has become a basketball bloggers wet dream, and could be in MVP discussions for the next decade. DeMarcus Cousins, on the other hand, has gone from a league punchline to an unlikely MVP candidate in the first month of the season. Cousins, especially, has seen a marked improvement in his defense, as this chase-down block last night shows.

Cousins had two blocks on the night, but this chase-down rejection on Jrue Holiday has to be the best of the evening. Watch Holiday pick the pocket of Ray McCallum before heading the opposite way with McCallum in pursuit. The second-year Kings guard tries to stay with Jrue, but from the opposite side of the court, Boogie comes churning along and times his jump to block Jrue’s layup attempt against the backboard.

Just to provide context to what you’re watching, Cousins is 6-11, 270 pounds or so, and he’s chasing down a speedy point guard — and former all-star — while also controlling his jump and swat to to avoid the foul, or a possible goal-tend. Simply incredible, and that’s with one of the best shot blockers in the game on the other team last night.

We’ll have more from this matchup, but Boogie is slowly making us a believer. This chase-down was LeBronesque, and Cousins has 3 inches and 25 pounds on him.

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