GIF: Klay Thompson’s Pump-Fake Drops Aaron Brooks

The Warriors won their 12th game in a row on Saturday when they handed the Chicago Bulls a 112-102 loss in Chicago. This despite 22 points and 20 rebounds by Pau Gasol. One play in particular showcases just how dangerous the Dubs have been this season when Klay Thompson‘s head-fake sent Aaron Brooks sprawling.

Up by only three a couple minutes into the fourth quarter, this sequence perfectly encapsulates Golden State’s domination through the season’s first quarter of play. Klay Thompson was only 2-for-9 from beyond the arc on Saturday, and just 9-for-23 overall. Likewise, Stephen Curry was finding it difficult to hit from beyond the three-pointer line.

But the Warriors are more than just the splash brothers. Draymond Green dropped a career-high seven 3-pointers during the game for a career high 31 points. Still, Aaron Brooks wasn’t about to let Klay Thompson get an open look from the wing.

After Shaun Livingston finds Thompson on the wing, Jimmy Butler slides over to contest and Aaron Brooks slips to the court when Klay gives a slight pump-fake. The Bulls are over-extended and Klay’s return pass to Livingston allows the latter to slice into the lane for the bucket.

When you’re trying that hard to stop a player who wasn’t even shooting particularly well — so much so you open up your team for a layup — it shows how worried Brooks was Thompson would launch a jumper.

Everything’s turning up roses for the Warriors right now, and their multi-headed Medusa attack helmed Steve Kerr is the best in the league at present, and just when you think you’ve snipped off one of it’s heads, another rears itself to vanquish a foe.

(GIF via reddit)

Will the Dubs win the West?

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