Giveaway: Dime x Abakus Takeout x Red Bull King Of The Rock T-Shirt

In five East Coast cities of this summer’s Red Bull King of the Rock tour, we collaborated with a sneaker boutique for an exclusive players only t-shirt. And let me tell you, people have been fiending for them! Next up, we’re giving away the Dime x Abakus Takeout x Red Bull King of the Rock t-shirt from Philly. Check it out in greater detail after the jump.

If you want to get your hands on one of these, answer the following question:

Who is the best basketball player, in your opinion, to ever come out of Philly?

Remember, these tees are super limited, and other than a small number allotted to the shops, they are only going to be given to the 64 players at each event. If you don’t win this city, try for the next. Good luck!

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