Big Baby Davis Responded To His Big3 Ejection By Stripping Off His Jersey And Shorts

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The BIG3 just keeps rolling right along. During Week 3 action in Atlanta this weekend, all the focus was on the two remaining undefeated squads, the Triplets and Killer 3s, who were looking to extend their perfect records.

But in keeping in line with a running theme this season, larger-than-life personalities stole the spotlight. This summer, we’ve seen a huge influx of former NBA players, including Joe Johnson (who might be doing enough to earn himself a training camp invite), and among them are some of the league’s most colorful characters of the last decade or so.

Glen “Big Baby” Davis is chief among them, and on Saturday afternoon, he lived up to his name after getting ejected for arguing a call, then stripping off his uniform and launching it into the crowd on his way off the court.

And when we say he stripped off his uniform, we mean the whole uniform, jersey and shorts included. His team, Power, ended up losing that game to Trilogy, 50-43. Davis earned his nickname for his overly-emotional reactions during his time in the league, and though his NBA days are behind him now, he’s clinging tightly to that part of his game, if less so to his clothing.