Goran Dragic Picked Up A Flagrant Foul For Smacking Darius Garland’s Nuts

The Cleveland Cavaliers tried to mount a fourth quarter comeback during their play-in game matchup against the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday night. While Brooklyn opened up a convincing lead in the first quarter and led by double-digits most oft he way, Cleveland was able to get it down to single digits off of a three by Darius Garland with less than 10 minutes remaining.

It was a five-point possession by Garland, although that was not necessarily for a good reason. Garland tried to drive to the rim when he saw he was matched up against Goran Dragic, and the veteran guard seemed to realize he was in some trouble. So instead of just letting Garland blow by him for a layup, Dragic stuck his right hand out and, uh, made contact with a sensitive area below the belt.

Dragic knew that he committed a foul, thus his throwing one arm up in the air, but what he probably didn’t expect was that the referees would go over to the monitor and take a look at this. After review, Dragic was hit with a flagrant 1, and because it took a minute and Garland got some time to compose himself after getting hit in the groin, he was able to cooly step up and knock down both free throws.