A Warriors Player Noted Gordon Hayward Makes The Celtics Worse And He’s Right

01.27.19 4 months ago

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When the Celtics signed Gordon Hayward and then traded for Kyrie Irving in the summer of 2017, it was supposed to be the beginning of a new era for Celtics basketball. Boston had been in a slow and steady rebuild as it moved on from the Boston Three Party era. The Celtics collected assets, hired a great coach in Brad Stevens, and finally, they cashed in all that time and patience to bring in two stars. This was it. The Celtics had made their move.

Then, in his first game for Boston, Hayward suffered a horrific leg injury. Before the new era could even begin it had already lost a key player for the season. Thankfully, Hayward was able to make a recovery and is finally back to playing basketball for the Celtics. However, that does not mean he’s been the same star they signed him to be. Hayward has struggled for the Celtics this season and it’s noticeable.

After Saturday’s 115-111 loss to the Warriors, one anonymous Golden State player spoke to Jeff Goodman of Stadium and told him what many are thinking. Hayward isn’t himself this season, and they went so far as to call him a liability.

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