Chandler Parsons Time In Memphis Appears Done As He Will Reportedly Take An ‘Indefinite Leave’

01.06.19 4 months ago

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It’s been a big year for players taking indefinite leaves of absence from a team in order to figure out a way for the two sides to part ways.

Carmelo Anthony has been away from the Rockets for nearly two months as his representatives try to find a home for the one-time star after the experiment in Houston didn’t work. J.R. Smith has likewise been away from the Cavaliers as they try to find a way to deal the veteran shooting guard to someone in need of perimeter help, rather than trying to buy him out.

The Grizzlies can now be added to the list of teams agreeing to part ways with a player before actually figuring out the specifics of that move. On Sunday, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported Chandler Parsons has left the team after the two sides agreed to a mutual separation and they will work on a resolution to his contract situation in the meantime.

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