Gucci Mane Really Wants To Play In The NBA All-Star Celebrity Game

02.19.17 2 years ago

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Walk around whatever city is hosting NBA All-Star Weekend and you are bound to run into a rap star roaming the streets in search of food, an event or their next party. In New Orleans, the biggest stars from the hip-hop community are all out and about, doing performances and generally enjoying one of the biggest party weekends of the year.

While celebrities are everywhere at All-Star, the Celebrity Game itself sometimes lack true star power. This year, the biggest name in the game was either New Orleans native Master P or Nick Cannon, but the rest weren’t necessarily superstars of the entertainment world. With the game in Los Angeles next year, you’d expect to have more star power in the 2018 Celebrity Game, and one of rap’s biggest stars made his desire to play in the game known on Twitter on Sunday night.

The NBA should absolutely take Gucci Mane up on that offer. We don’t often see current hip-hop stars playing in the game (it tends to be an older legend like Master P) and so for someone as big as Gucci Mane to want to do that would make the game far more interesting.

The Atlanta rap star has a new, slimmer physique after his jail sentence and Gucci wants to show off his hoops skills in 2018. Aside from Gucci being a highly entertaining person, we’d find out if “ballin like an athlete, but got no jumper” is a legitimate scouting report he gave away on “Bricks” or not.

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