Harrison Barnes Was Not A Fan Of Mark Cuban’s Comments About Slovenian Basketball

12.22.18 7 months ago

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Mark Cuban, like many basketball fans, has been enamored by the play of Dallas Mavericks rookie Luka Doncic. The difference between Cuban and many basketball fans is that the latter have not used their perch as the owner of the team for which Doncic plays to serve up a hot take that talks up hoops in Slovenia at the expense of the way the game is taught in America.

Cuban spoke to George Efkarpide of Eurohoops.net and said that children are taught how to play the game of basketball in Slovenia, compared to in America, where the emphasis is on mixtapes. Here’s his full quote:

“It is important because you’re used to people being older than you but I think he just learned how to play basketball and that’s the biggest gift. When you’re gifted as he is and you actually learn to play the game. If you look at the basketball education of kids starting at 11-years old in Europe and particularly Slovenia which is basketball oriented.

If we took our best kids and seven years before they are McDonald’s All-American, we sent them over to Slovenia to get an education, the league would be a thousand times better. They just learn how to play basketball while our guys learn how to dunk and put together mixtapes.”

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