The Hawks’ G-League Affiliate Is Seriously Changing Its Name To The ‘Pepperoni Balls’ For The Night

03.09.18 12 months ago


The G-League (formerly D-League) has always been something of a testing ground for the NBA, and it goes well beyond simple player development. It allows teams to indulge the mad scientist side of their personality, conducting all sorts of experiments to find out what sorts of new initiatives might eventually be viable in the big leagues.

Various rule changes often go through beta testing there, but they also don’t limit themselves to on-court machinations. Sometimes they try things out purely for fun, and the results can be highly-amusing, bordering on surreal. Case in point: the Delaware 87ers once actually wore Spongebob Squarepants jerseys earlier this year to celebrate, no kidding, “Nickelodeon Night” at the arena.

The team they hosted that fateful night, the Erie Bayhawks (Atlanta Hawks affliate), is doing something similar when they tip off on Friday. They’ll be wearing different uniforms, but they’ll also be sporting a new name for the night.

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