There Was A Huge NBA Presence for Kanye And Kim’s Wedding Weekend

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian got married over the weekend in Florence, Italy. Everyone was scrambling online to pinpoint the location of the ceremony, and to get access to photos and any tidbits we could find about the food, the speech, or anything else. Yes, we are all paparazzi to some extent, or just really nosy people. After scouring through the information, it turns out the weekend had a huge NBA presence. Let us explain.

Over the weekend, Kevin Love was spotted having lunch with Scott Disick in Paris. I’m not sure how Timberwolves fans will take this, but go ahead and freak out about how Love wants to hang out with reality stars if you’d like:

Carmelo Anthony‘s wife LaLa was part of Kim’s bachelorette party, and posted this photo of them together:

Meanwhile, ‘Melo was at a dinner meeting with his CAA reps in New York on Friday to discuss his free agent future.

As for the actual wedding, Scottie Pippen was in attendance along with his wife Larsa. Here are their photo booth pictures from the nuptials:

Of course, you will remember Kim’s last marriage to Kris Humphries lasted just 72 days, and while many people are happy for Kanye and Kim, there are also those who want to take advantage of this opportunity to unload a few witty quips. Case in point:


Petty, indeed.

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