This Backward Full-Court Buzzer Beater Is The Best Intramural Sports Highlight

Ninety-nine percent of the time, intramurals are the most anonymous level of sport. It’s just a bunch of folks coming together to play some ball, purely for the love of the game (or because your friend’s team needs numbers, or because you never go to the gym). Every so often, however, you average Joes get your chance for glory, and when you get that chance, you have to reach for immortality. And when that happens, you better pray someone’s got a camera rolling.

Georgia Southern student Loy Waters had, by our count, about half a second to get a shot off, and there are a few ways you can do that. A longer inbounds pass for someone to quickly catch and shoot might have been more intuitive, but Waters and his buddy must have been practicing this play, because he jacked that shot over his head without a second’s hesitation. He barely beat the buzzer, and about 80 feet later, magic happened.

Again, Waters is astoundingly lucky not just to have hit the shot, but to have recorded it on camera. You can claim up and down that you hit a backward, full-court buzzer beater one time in college, but no one would ever believe you without proof. Well, Loy, here’s your moment of glory, immortalized on the internet. Soak it in.