One ESPN Reporter Thinks Staying In Cleveland Is Isaiah Thomas’ Best Chance At A Big Contract

01.09.18 4 months ago 2 Comments

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Isaiah Thomas famously said over the summer that he expected the Boston Celtics to back up the proverbial money truck to his front door when it came to negotiate a new contract. Thomas was, of course, traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers in order to get point guard Kyrie Irving in Boston.

The injured Thomas took the first few months of the NBA season to get right, finally making his debut for the Cavs in early January. But it is a contract year for Thomas, and his free agency now coincides with LeBron James’ ever-present decision later this summer.

What happens with these current teammates might not be so intertwined in the end, but right now it’s certainly a good question: What are the Cavaliers willing to pay Isaiah Thomas, and does that number change if LeBron James is playing somewhere else?

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, IT’s best chance at a big contract will indeed come from the Cavaliers. He reported on Tuesday that most NBA execs expect a big deal from the Cavs, especially if LeBron James goes off to play elsewhere next fall. And, as Windhorst writes, the Cavs aren’t likely to let Thomas walk away for nothing after the big trade that went down this summer.

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