Isaiah Thomas’s Hip Injury May Be Worse Than Originally Reported

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Isaiah Thomas’s summer has been one of many twists and turns, at first campaigning Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge to back up the Brinks truck in reference to him asking for a max contract. Then the blockbuster trade where Thomas and Kyrie Irving switched zip codes as the new Cavalier becomes the newest sidekick for LeBron James.

The one damper to Thomas’s summer: the neverending questions about the right hip of Thomas. According to Jason Lloyd of The Athletic, there is no current timetable on when the diminutive guard may return.

Lloyd revealed that condition of Thomas’s hip may be worse than reported, and Thomas’s hip may never heal.

Via The Athletic:

One source with direct knowledge of Thomas’ hip condition told The Athletic last week that he is dealing with more than just a tear. Some of those secondary issues in the hip he has played with for years now, such as a loss of cartilage and some arthritis, are complicating his healing process.

“No one has any idea how quickly this will heal or if it even will heal at all,” the source said. “It’s hard to predict.”

Thomas’s hip was a point of concern for the Cavs upon dealing for Thomas, but it’s assumed that the Celtics including the unprotected Nets pick was a part of the deal to assuage those concerns. With the return of Thomas an unknown at this point, who knows when or if the Cavaliers will be able to develop some team chemistry before the playoffs arrive.