Jamal Crawford Pulled A Steph Curry And Didn’t Even Wait To See If This Rainbow Three Went In

When Jamal Crawford is your last resort before the shot clock expires, you’re in good hands no matter where he puts it up.

The Los Angeles Clippers guard took a desperation pass from Austin Rivers with the shot clock fading and immediately put up a shot far from the arc that towered over the court, then somehow banked off the glass and in.

Crawford put up the 30+ foot shot over Golden State‘s Shaun Livingston, bouncing off him as he landed and the buzzer sounded. The shot was up in the air for so long and Crawford was so confident in his long-range bomb he actually turned around to get back on defense before the shot fell. It was his second straight three for the Clippers.

Check it out again: the shot hadn’t even kissed the glass yet and he had already turned around. He gave up on watching that rainbow to see where it ended. Guess he had better things to do.

Crawford then exchanged words with Warriors coach Steve Kerr, who apparently exchanged a laugh with the Clips point guard. I’m sure Kerr is used to seeing Steph Curry do that every now and again. Glad he’s having as much fun watching Crawford battle back against the Dubs as the rest of us.