Watch Jamal Crawford Pull Off A Fake Behind-The-Back Dribble That Is Definitely Traveling

Jamal Crawford is a pretty cultishly adored NBA player. It might not even be fair to say it is cultish, considering the NBA world has deigned to give him the Sixth Man of the Year Award even on occasions when he wasn’t deserving. Nevertheless, people love Crawford because he is fun. He jacks up super deep three-pointers and crosses guys over and is just generally a dynamic player. In the finals of the Seattle Pro-Am, Crawford pulled out a particularly crazy quasi-streetball move that naturally has made everybody go nuts.

Crawford got the ball off the inbound pass, and then he basically faked dribbling behind his back. He took the ball and acted like he was going to dribble behind his back, but then he just flipped his hand over and kept it in the same hand. He then proceeded to blow right by his defender, who honestly probably didn’t have much of a chance anyway because Crawford is an immensely talented NBA player and this is a Pro-Am. Then he made a bucket just to rub it in.


The move is super cool. It looks great and it completely fooled his defender and that’s awesome. It’s also definitely traveling. He carried that ball. It was a streetball move. It’s the sort of thing most of us tried as teenagers and then we’d get traveling called on us by somebody who wanted to make sure we played by the rules. Crawford got away with it, though, and nobody is complaining. Except the guy who was defending him. He’ll be complaining that was a travel for years.

(H/t Deadspin)