James Harden Hit One Of The Filthiest Step-Back Jumpers You’ll Ever See

Houston Rockets superstar James Harden is off to a scorching start to this season, with no signs of stopping. Harden is one of two players in the top five in points and assists per game, with his 28.5 points and 12.7 assists, joining former teammate Russell Westbrook in that distinction. The Beard leads the league in assists and has helped push Houston to a 8-5 record in the early season, despite missing starting point guard Patrick Beverly for their first 11 games.

Saturday afternoon, the Rockets handed the Utah Jazz a loss in Houston, and Harden put the final nail in the coffin. A disgusting array of crossovers on Dante Exum sent the Jazz guard into the paint before a step back three essentially ended the game. Exum missed his entire sophomore season in the league while he recovered from a torn ACL and he simply could not stay in front of Harden, and James really could have taken the points after any of the dizzying crossovers he tossed Exum’s way before the eventual bucket.

Harden finished the game with another 31 points and 10 dimes, just a few away from his average but an impressive game nonetheless. The best part of the game’s final highlight though? Watch the Houston bench explode before Harden even finishes his moves, and Sam Dekker and Tyler Ennis are just giddy. The Rockets are fun.

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