James Johnson Obliterated Victor Oladipo With The Early Dunk Of The Year

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The Heat and Pacers played on Saturday night in a game that most would expect to be a relatively unremarkable contest between a likely East playoff team and a hopeful East playoff team (yes, Indiana really is a playoff contender. Eastern Conference basketball this year isn’t great.)

However, James Johnson decided he should make the game extremely exciting, if at least for a brief moment. Johnson pump faked a three, getting his defender in the air, and then drove baseline where Victor Oladipo made the poor decision to try and go up to challenge his dunk attempt.

It ended poorly for Mr. Oladipo, who got destroyed when he tried to meet Johnson at the rim.

I mean, my goodness this is one of the most vicious dunks you’ll see. Just the way Oladipo crashes to the floor, becoming almost perfectly parallel to the floor is violent. Johnson and his teammates were naturally very hyped about the dunk and a timeout happened immediately, which is what should happen automatically when someone dunks that violently on someone. Everyone needs a minute to process what happened and regroup.

Oladipo is no stranger to putting people on posters himself, but Johnson put him on the business end of one on Saturday. Maybe one day people will learn not to go up against Johnson when he’s taking off for a dunk.