Jared Dudley Thinks The Self-Coached Warriors Were Disrespectful, But There’s A Catch

02.13.18 1 year ago

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Steve Kerr took himself out of the equation for the Golden State Warriors on Monday, letting the team run practice and in-game huddles against the Phoenix Suns.

The result was a blowout win, a 129-83 win over Phoenix on a night where Andre Iguodala and others held the clipboard and drew up plays for the Dubs in Oakland.

While the game went on the debate raged about whether Kerr was a genius or simply didn’t care enough about a struggling team like the Phoenix Suns to give a full effort on Monday night. Not coaching the team, it was said, showed he didn’t respect the Suns enough. After the game, Kerr spoke to the media and said it wasn’t about disrespect at all.

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