Jaylen Brown Had ‘No Comment’ On Boston’s Lack Of Ball Movement After An Ugly Loss To The Wizards

The Boston Celtics slipped back to 13-13 on the season with a rather dismal effort on Sunday afternoon in Washington, losing 104-91 to the now 7-17 Wizards in a game that wasn’t even as close as the final score indicated. Scoring just 91 points against the dreadful Washington defense represents a new low-point on the season for Boston, which has now lost four of its last five games to slip to fifth in the East.

The Celtics have been a team that has battled injuries and COVID protocol absences this season, but even when factoring all of that in the first third of the season has felt like a disappointment. It’s clear that the frustration internally is mounting, and after Sunday’s loss the Celtics didn’t have much in the way of answers for what’s ailing them at the moment. Not much is working right now, but they are especially struggling on offense as they have just the league’s 23rd best offensive rating in the last 10 games — 26th over the last five — and look painfully stuck in the mud on that end.

After the Wizards loss, Jaylen Brown was asked about the general lack of ball movement they seem to have right now as an offense and after a, no joke, seven-second pause, all he could muster was a “no comment.”

It’s clear that Brown gave thought to the question, but chose not to divulge much in the way of his true feelings on the matter, which was likely to avoid producing any kind of soundbite that could be seen as throwing teammates under the bus. That is wise, but it’s illustrative of how the Celtics are searching right now, and while they’re trying to handle issues internally, the results simply haven’t been there.

Kemba Walker was a bit more forthcoming with his thoughts on the team at the moment, noting that while many see the same core stars out there and expect cohesion, they’re dealing with new rotations and still working out how to piece all of this together.

Boston clearly misses the presence of Marcus Smart, who while best known for his defense is also a glue guy offensively who can help keep the ball moving and is an active cutter and mover off the ball. Right now, they lack that and someone on this team desperately needs to be the one to inject some life and energy into the squad and soon, because until then they’ll continue to be meandering through the wilderness.